Dinosaurs - Facts and Information

There was a time when giants walked the earth - bizarre reptiles resembling the dragons of legend. They inhabited a strange and alien world, very much unlike the one we know today. Dinosaurs. Even the name evokes awe and a sense of wonder. Children and adults alike are enthralled by these extinct and highly exotic creatures from a time long, long ago.

This page explores the fascinating and mysterious world of dinosaurs. It is intended for both children and adults and hopes to provide interesting facts and information. The coverage is by no means exhaustive, but it is hoped that you will find here an approachable introduction to a truly captivating subject.

The name "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard," although dinosaurs did not actually belong to the branch of the reptile family that includes the lizards. The closest reptilian relatives to dinosaurs are the alligators and crocodiles.

Many dinosaurs were extremely large in size - in fact, they include the largest land-creatures that have ever lived. Other dinosaurs were quite small, however, not much larger than a modern-day chicken. Dinosaurs first appeared about 225 million years ago, along with the reptiles that would give rise to the mammals (furry creatures that nurse their young). For reasons that are not well understood, the dinosaurs proved superior to their mammalian competitors and for more than 150 million years were the dominant creatures on earth. The earliest mammals were small creatures, living (quite literally) under the dinosaur's feet.

Some Interesting Dinosaur Facts