Dinosaurs - Euoplocephalus

Euoplocephalus (You-oh-plo-seff-a-lus) was an armored dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous Period, approximately 73 million years ago. It was about 22 feet in length and covered from head to tail with a "pavement" of bony armor. The body was carried relatively low to the ground, although the legs were evidently held straight and were not splayed to the side as sometimes reconstructed.


Horn-like structures projected from the back corners of the head and from the cheek region. The snout was large, and rounded, and the front of the mouth was formed into a broad, horny beak. The cheek teeth were remarkably weak.

The armor of this dinosaur appears to have consisted of hundreds of small bony elements placed in the skin. These fused together to form transverse bands, which covered the torso and part of the tail. These bands were somewhat reminiscent of the segmented armor worn by Roman soldiers and, like that armor, offered both protection and flexibility. Embedded into these bands were horizontal rows of larger oval-shaped scutes, some flat and some bearing a raised keel. "C"-shaped rings (open on the bottom) protected the back and sides of the neck. On the head, the armor fused with the underlying skull bones.

It is believed that, since Euoplocephalus bones are often found in isolation, that it was probably a relatively solitary creature.

Interesting Facts About Euoplocephalus