Dinosaurs - Brachiosaurus

Brachiosaurus (Brack-ee-oh-soar-us) lived during the Late Jurassic Period in western North America and in Africa. It was the rarest brontosaur (sauropod). Brachiosaurus was a giant, 82 feet in length and standing 52 feet high. The neck bones alone were 3 feet long!

Brachiosaurus is the largest dinosaur known from nearly complete skeletons and is the largest mounted dinosaur on display. It is distinguished from other brontosaurs by having hind legs that are shorter than the front legs. Hence, unlike most brontosaurs, the back slopes noticeably downward toward the tail.

The skull of Brachiosaurus was short with large, raised, nostrils mounted high on the head. The teeth were relatively stout. The chest was deep, with very long ribs. The feet were relatively small and narrow for such a big creature. The tail was relatively short.


Head of Brachiosaurus Compared with Skull

Interesting Facts About Brachiosaurus