Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

Meat-eating dinosaurs form a group known as Theropods (Ther-oh-pods). They are generally divided into the large, powerfully developed Carnosaurs (carn-oh-soars) and smaller, more delicately constructed Coelurosaurs (si-lure-oh-soars).


Carnosaurs had large skulls, a shortened neck, and reduced forelimbs. They were large in size (sometimes very large) and include dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus. These were the dominant predators of their day.


Coelurosaurs had skulls that were more lightly built, long necks, and (as a rule) better developed forelimbs. Prey animals would have been small in size and some coelurosaurs probably used their forelimbs to hunt.

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